2017 Registration for the Nordic Open in PG starts on 22nd Jan, 11 am CET

Dear flying friends,

The www-site where registration takes place is still under construction, but it will be open later in coming week and will be announced also here in due time.

I am looking forward to see as many Nordic and other pilots as we can get this year.

Best Regards,

Esa Alaraudanjoki
Member of the Finnish Committee for Para- and Hang-gliding

2016 Minutes Reykjavik

Minutes of the meeting in NHPC Meeting Reykjavik, 2016 


Meeting started at 10:30 

Attending: Denmark Not attending; Finland Esa Alaraudanjoki (EA) FIN; Sweden Not attending; Norway Bjørnar Trondsen (BT) NOR; Iceland Hans Kristjan Gudmundsson (HKG) Ágústa Ýr Sveinsdóttir (AS)

  1. Meeting opens at with a short introduction of each member.Done
  1. Approval of the agenda approved
  1. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting approved
  1. How to deal with the popularity of Nordic Open and ensure priority of Nordic Pilots.

The Finish have a local rule; female have 20% priority into competition.

Suggestion about change of rules.

HKG consulted with AG(FAI) that we can have Nordic countries only registering for certain period prior to general admittance. Other countries than Nordic countries can sign, but they will go to the waiting list.

Fx. Signing for the comp starts 1st January. Nordics will be approved; other countries go to the waiting list. Then 1st April general registration starts. Then other countries will come in in the order on the waiting list until the competition is full.

EA – going through proposal for pilot allocation in Nordic


Registration open – 2 weeks: 28 pilots from each Nordic country based on world Ranking (or by national chosen criteria).

2- 6 weeks: Rest of Nordic Pilots based on registration time stamp

6 weeks – start of competition: Rest of international pilots based on registration time.

Agreed on the meeting to use this rule for the next Nordic Open.

  1. Nordic competitions: Report from the Nordic PG Open 2016 in France by Hans. Successful competition. But some questions about the last task, should have been cancelled before window was opened. 
  1. Review of Nordic records 

HG Out and Return: Kari Suhonen 117.29 km – 140.75 points 20/5 2016

HG Triangle: Kari Suhonen (FIN) 127.9 km – 204.64 points –  24/5 2016

HG Open Distance: Dag Ring (NO) 131.1km  – 131.1 points – 16/5 – 2016

Kari Suhonen gets the Nordic Trophy this year


PG Out and Return: Rolf Dale (NO) 123.5 km – 247 points – 24/4 2016

PG Triangle: Jouni Makkonen (FIN) 146.52 km – 439.56 points –  24/5 2016

PG Open Distance: Jouni Makkonen (FIN) 216.27 km 216.17 – 12/5 2016

PG Declared goal : Bjørnar Trondsen, Gunnar Sæbu, Thor-Erik Stranna, Terje Stulen, Erik Johansen (NO) 176.5 km – 264.8 points – 8/5 2016

The Nordic Trophy goes to the Jouni Makkonen this year.

  1. Exchange of general information regarding next year’s events

Talk about choosing scoring system.

Rules changed in the RFP Document for Nordic Open

  • Nordic Open is scored using latest version of the PWC scoring system with discards.
  • Scoring parameters is to be set in collaboration with the technical organiser.
  • Nominal % goal: 20-50%

Added rule

Inter pilot communication, unless necessary due to safety issues, is NOT allowed. If caught doing so will receive 0 points for the day. Pilots are not allowed to communicate and cooperate on their own radio frequency. The Nordics is not a Team event and radio frequencies should be kept open for safety reasons only.

  1. Bids for the PG Nordic Open 2016, decision.

Finland has sent out bid material and has received bids.


  • Ager, Spain – 0
  • Krusevo, Macedonia – 1 FI
  • Montalegre, Portugal – 0
  • Tolmin/Kobala, Slovenia – 4 DK,NO,IS,SE

Tolmin was voted to be the location for Nordic Open 2017

The competition will take place from 27th august to 2nd September

  1. Closing of the meeting

Before closing the meeting, we agreed keeping the cycle going. Norway will host the Nordics in 2018. Our next Nordic  comity meeting will be in Helsinki next year 2017.

Meeting ended at 18:00

2015 Minutes Copenhagen

Minutes of the meeting in NHPC Meeting Copenhagen 2015

6/11- 7/11  2015

  1. Introductions and welcome

             Roll call. 

Attending: Denmark Scott Torkelsen (ST); DK Niels Jørgen Askirk (NA) DK Not attending

                    Finland  Taavi Siitonen (TS) FIN,  Esa Alaraudanjoki (EA) FIN

                    Sweden Not attending are at Swedish Annual Meeting: sends apologies.

                    Norway Bjørnar Trondsen (BT) NOR

                    Iceland Hans Kristjan Gudmundsson (IS) Not attending

Declaration of conflict of interest. No conflicts reported.

2. Meeting opens at with a short introduction of each member. Done.

3. NHPC work in the future.

Should we continue to meet bi annually? Every 6mo. Or continue discussions as they appear by email or skype depending on the severity of the circumstances?

Decided on meeting at the PG Nordics for an informal meeting where no binding decisions can be made because not all members are present. Decisions/amendments to rules can be made at the annual NHPC meeting.

 4. Approval of the agenda  Approved

5. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting : Approved

6. Conflict of interest  No conflicts reported

7. Exchange of general information regarding safety and training matters

If matters occur we will immediately pass on information. If our associations have safety/airspace or unsportsmanlike behavior issues nationally this will be passed on in the NHPC.

There was an issue of there being a difference in training & qualification requirements . In some Nordic countries it is a annual requirement to have flown a certain number of hours and not a cumulative value (made up of many years of flying time) as well as having extra requirements (first aid course and more) every 2nd year. As well as: Once a pilot has stopped flying what requirements are needed for rewnewal?

8. Exchange of general information regarding next year’s events

A calendar for up to date competitions with links can be found on the Norwegian Cup and on the Finnish website. CIVL/FAI also has one. Also Airtribune /LiveTracking website

9. Review of Nordic records

HG Out and Return: Ville Räikkönen (FIN) 246 km  4/5-15

HG Triangle: Mikkel Krog (DK) 102,7 km  12/6-15

HG Open Distance: Kari Suhonen (FIN)  148,1 km  25/5-15

Mikkel gets the Nordic Trophy (DK)


PG Out and Return: none reported

PG Triangle: Jouni Makkonen (FIN) 451.5 points

PG Open Distance: 257,7 km, 257.7 points Kari Rämö

PG Declared goal : 207,2 km, 310.8 points Matti Paananen

Jouni Makkonen (FIN) gets the Nordic PG Trophy

10. Nordic competitions: Report from the Nordic PG Open 2015 in Gemona by Scott

11. Bids for the PG Nordic Open 2016, Decision. Iceland has sent out bid material and has received 4 bids. France/Greece/Makedonia/Portugal. These bids were then passed on to us in Copenhagen and a decision was made.

The Nordics go to Brett Janaway as organizer in St. Jean Montclare (Dormillouse) 26/6 – 2/7-16.

HG (IS) is the NHPC delegate in 2016 to ensure that all is up and running for a successful 2016 Nordics. That the Nordic Competition Rules are abided by and in case of issues is the direct go between with the appointed organizer. He is also together with the organizer responsible to update the Facebook page of the Nordics with information and pictures to ensure that our Facebook is updated and attracts attention.

12. Usage of Radio Nordics: During the Nordic Paragliding Open in Gemona, there was a lot of radio communication going on that had no relevance to the safety frequencies used. Something similar to “team pilots”. Discussion of having Team scoring at the Nordic Championships besides individual championships as at Cat 1 Europeans or Worlds or not allowing the use of radios (how to control that) between participants of individual countries. It should be restated in the Nordic Rules that inter pilot communication, unless necessary due to safety issues, is NOT allowed and if caught doing so will receive 0 points for the day. Pilots are not allowed to communicate and cooperate on their own radio frequency. The Nordics is not a Team event and radio frequencies should be kept open for safety reasons only!

13. National team selection and coaching – comparison between training and coaching in the

Scandinavian countries. Sponsorship of National teams…Individual or group sponsorship? What do you do? Finland seems to have a procedure when it concerns individual pilot sponsorship but nothing when it comes to an entire team. In general, our sport XC flying is not very good at going around and promoting or getting sponsorship for our sport.

14. Review of CIVL and EHPU matters

Regulations, Airspace, etc.

EHPU: updates since last meeting: No one present at EHPU meeting:  nothing to report.

CIVL – Status update, what is in pipeline for the CIVL meeting 2015, any proposals planned? No new Nordic proposals coming. Everyone is interested in the new CCC gliders and what that will bring with it.

CIVL/Nordic coordination –  Organizing proxies from other Nordic countries that are not attending the CIVL Plenary Meeting in Lausanne in 2017.

CIVL – PG CCCclass has been adopted in 2015 with transition time.. Is the CCC class gliders still allowed to fly in the Nordics? Yes, together in the class of EN D. until a problem arises.

CIVL – PWC 2016 : PWC uses a dropped task at competitions. A suggestion from (BT) NOR was made to adopt this into the Nordic Rules, but not a clear decision was taken. Also discussed was Fixed Total Validity (PWC) Rules…20% Reject Rate? (Bjørnar please clarify)

CIVL – HG 2016: any updates from the HG’s? No updates.

15. Hang-gliding: issues 2015 in Scandinavia : No issues reported.

16. Other matters : Removing Baltic countries from the mailing list. Niels Jørgen Askirk: HG Nordic Trophy should be sent to Finland (if Denmark has it).

17. Closing of the meeting


2014 – Minutes Helsinki


Nordic Hang and Paragliding Committee, NHPC, meeting 2014 – Helsinki, 5.-7.12.2014 Time: 5-6th December 2014. Place: Friday and Saturday: Scandic Hotel Paasi, “NHPC Meeting” signs to the Karuselli meeting room. Address: Paasivuorenkatu 5b, 00530 Helsinki. Time: 7 th Dec. Place: Sunday: Allianssi-house. Address: Asemapäällikönkatu 1.

Attending Esa Alaraudanjoki chairing the meeting, Taavi Siitonen – Finland; Björnar Trondsen – Norway; Hans Gudmundsson – Iceland; Jenny Persson, Magnus Österberg – Sweden. Experts: Mladen Milevski – FI, attend on Saturday 14-18:00. Juha Herrala, FI, on Sunday 10–11:00. FI = Finland, DK = Denmark, abs., IS = Iceland, NO = Norway, SE = Sweden.

Friday 5.12. 19:00 – 21:00 Welcome to Helsinki Meeting, Karuselli meeting room Items 1-4. NHPC co-op in the future; Request of Nordic Open proposals

Saturday 6.12. 8-18:00 Karuselli meeting room, floor “0” 8-10:30 Item 5. Safety and training in general. 10:30-10:45 Break, Aula 10:45-13:00 Item 6 and 7, Events and Records & Trophies 13-14:30 Lunch, Juttutupa 14:30-16:00 Item 8. Nordic competitions 16-16:30 Break, Aula of the Karuselli 16:30-18. Item 9. National Team selection and coaching per country 18:00 Closing of the day.

Sunday 7.12. 10-13:20 Allianssi-building, Eastern Pasila Item 10 CIVL preparation, Item 11 Hang gliding, Item 12. Other matters. Items to be discussed 1. Introductions and welcome, Esa Alaraudanjoki, member, and Taavi Siitonen, Chair of the Finnish hand and paragliding committee.

Welcome by Timo Latikka, CEO, the The Finnish Aeronautical Association. http://www.ilmailu.fi/node/773 Topics discussed: Airspace regulations, moving of Malmi-Airport, insurance – were compared in the Nordic context. Specially, insurance situation is a big question at the moment in several countries. In Finland 13eur per person. Due to deaths in Finnish leisure aviation have led to changes in insurances. Now a new agreement has been renegotiated in Finland with Pohjola insurance company. Norway: Sportscover UK company, AGS Försäkring. Sweden: Säkra is phasing out 1.1.2015. They are searching a new broker. Iceland: NAC is seeking a new broker. Meeting was opened at 19:00, with a short introduction of each member. NHPC work in the future. The Request for proposals for the Nordic Open paragliding competitions – to be or not to be.

2. Approval of the agenda Approved with minor changes. 3. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting  1.12.2012 Stockholm, Sweden, held the meeting. Jenny P. presented the memorandum of the meeting, which was approved.  The 2012 meeting was followed by wide discussion, which led to Jenny’s formulation of first document “Request for proposals for the Nordic Open”. For the bidding process of Nordic Open 2014, 10 requests were send out, result: 3 bids received. 

Discussion on the need of Disclaimer for the comp orqanisers. Norwegians have used one version for the Norwegian Cup, which will investigated and adopted as relevant to Nordic Open competitions.  NHPC site discussion and presentation nordichpc.wordpress.com. All current representatives of each country to the NHPC working group are included as administrators. We agreed to used it more actively in the future, and interlink it with the Nordic Open web-page.  We decided to terminate use of the nordic@sel.is e-mail list.  Esa: Proposal to move the Baltic co-operation to be bilateral in nature in the future. Increasing collaboration is encouraged and are agreed between relevant NACs. Seconded: Is, S. Voting: 4/4 Nations approved. If the Baltic hang and paragliding NACs will show interest for active collaboration in the future they are warmly welcomed to join us then.  Esa: Proposal: we move the communication to new e-mail list nordichpc@gmail.com Seconded: FI, N, I, SWE. Vote: 4/4 in favor, and set up immediately.  Hans and Magnus proposed: Mads are asked to continue to update the http://www.nordic-open.eu web-page. Seconded: FI, NO, IS, SE. nordichpc@gmail.com Voted: 4/4 in favor.  Magnus`s proposal: To create the crosslinks between nordic-open.eu and nordichpc.wordpress.com web-pages. Seconded: FI, NO, IS, SE. Voted 4/4 in favor. Item 1. Continued on Saturday 6th. The workload, organizing of the Nordic Open, other matters. How to secure continuity in the work? First, the core purpose of our collaboration lies on the willingness of the Scandinavian countries to organise a common Nordic Open Championships. Secondly, the NHPC workings have enabled to prepare for the CIVL meetings. Third, face to face meetings in Nov-Dec. each year, and shorter more technical meeting during the Nordic Open competition would serve well the purpose of above collaboration. Fourth, in the future we work without nominating a President. Instead, we agree to work as a team, more online and with use of internet based meeting. Those who can travel to annual face to face meeting are welcomed encouraged to do so. Rotation of the responsibility of sending out the “Request of proposal for the Nordic Open”, i.e.”RFP” below. Magnus outlines the rotation schedule. See below, item 8 Nordic competitions. What is the basis for the voting? One vote each country vs. amount the weight of vote depending of the number of pilots in each country. We decided, after discussion, to stay with the practice of one country with one vote, as is the case in the international co-operation within FAI/CIVL etc. Economy of Nordic Open competition. After a discussion it was concluded that the competitors will cover all costs related to a specific event. We will encourage the technical organisers to present high quality bids and realistic budgets in order to provide such event as outlined in RFP. It´s optional to a single country to sponsor their pilots entry fee, if they think the fee is too high. REVIEW of the document “Request for proposals for the Nordic Open”. Jenny added issues to present document after discussion, and these are related on bidding process of 2016 competition.  Esa proposed to accept the ccc-class gliders to take part to Nordic Open in 2015. Seconded: IS, NO, SE. Voted in favor 4/4.  Björnar presented the Norwegian parameters, which were compared with present parameters in “Request of Proposals for the Nordic Open” – document.  Unless otherwise specified by the organizer these parameters are default. Voted 3/1. Parameters: Nom D. 40km, Time 1.5h, Min D 3km, Goal 30%. Other parameters will be copied from the Norwegian list they use in Norwegian Cup.  If you receive email from NHPC list, you need to confirm it asap to sender –even if you don’t respond with additional information.

4. No one declared any conflict of interest Nobody expressed conflict of interest. DAY one closed at 21:25 Opening of the meeting 6.12.14, 9:11. 5. Exchange of general information regarding safety and training matters Safety issues. FI: Taavi went through the incidents in Finland: towing accident; small carabiner loose; hang-gliding accident by student; serious accident in hang gliding, due to possible acute sickness. N: Bjornar briefed about the Norwegian accident reporting. In serious accidents, the Friflukt magazine prints these. There is annual report. In 2013 autumn in Oludenitz there was fatal accident, starting in rotor, flying paramotor wing with long brakes and the wing was borrowed. This accident can be found discussed in the Paragliding forum with accident report and the video. If the pilot is new to the site, person in local club need to sign the pilot after informing about the specialties. SE: Jenny, Sweden started to use now EHPU report form online. Ehpu-safetynetwork.org Now the new trend has been the spinning, possibly due to flying present EN B-class gliders and pilots burying their brakes like with the old EN B-glider. One fatal accident in Turkey Oludeniz, information is not fully available due to not flying with others. Started in lee side while hiking up rotor. By 1.1.2015 a new pilot rating system is adopted, where the evaluation of the pilot skill is the key. What the pilot can really. It’s based on cumulative amount of flights. Mountain flying course. Towing clubs – towing course. Ridge soaring clubs. This led to diversifying of courses available. Competition 1. Less experienced comp pilot. These pilots take a theoretical competition course: stress factors of taking part in competition; technical issues: technology, wings etc.; During this process they learn to know the more experienced comp pilots, of which some have agreed to be coaches. Magnus will share the training material of the competition coaching. After the theory they are allowed to fly competition 1 heats (easy competition), after 5 “heats” in friendly competitions, 100 h and SIV course they get competition2. Competition 2. Experienced comp pilot. Discussion: The human errors leads to accidents. It’s usually a cascade of events leading to eventual accident. The databases are important in collecting the reports, and analyzing the appearing trends. Another type of accidents are related to bad judgments on suitability of wing to pilot, conditions where the pilot take off. In one club it was agreed that if two fellow senior pilot say that this day is not good for a particular pilot then this pilot have often decided not to fly.

6. Exchange of general information regarding next year’s events IS: 20.-30.6.2015 is annual Icelandic National Championship. Another competition every August, as FAI 2 competition, and is a reserve days for Nationals if weather did not permit the competition in June. FI: There are open xc-camps annually, which will be informed to the nordic list for wider distribution to well-come pilots. Hang-gliding FAI2 competition 7.6.-13.6.2015 at Jämi Airport, close to Tampere. Week 16 the Finnish paragliding pilots meet up in the fells of Pallas National Park and Ylläs in Lapland. NO: Five Norwegian Cup competitions annually. Norwegians are willing to open and join the cup with a cup in Sweden or Finland. 4/5 are already fixed, which are mostly held in May and at Hemsedal in August. Extrem Sports week, 21.-28.6.2015. SE: Swedish Cup in Åre, Kittelfjell Cup 25.-28.6.2015. Paramotor competition, 14.- 17.5.2015. Acro Championship week 33, middle of August 2015, which might seek status of the Nordic Championship in Acro. General: Chabre Open 26.6.-3.7.2015, Laragne France; Gin Wide Open 4.-11.7.2015 Tolmin, Slovenia; British Open 20.-27.6. in Krusevo, FYROM, and 23.-30.8. St Andre les Alpes, F.

7. Review of Nordic records Due to break in the work, the holding of Nordic trophy was decided to be divided this year so, that pilots who flew best flights for 2012, 2013 and 2014 will held it for four months in 2015. Currently, the PG Trophy is in possession of Tom Salomonsen and he keeps it until end of April. Norwegian NAC will then send it to Jouni Makkonen, see below the flights. The HG Trophy is in Denmark with Kristoffel Nielsen. Danish NAC sees that it’s been send to Vesa Lappalainen, and Finnish NAC sees that its send to Ville Räikkönen´s possession May to August, and then to Kari Suhonen, see below for details Nordic Trophies PG 2012 Jouni Makkonen FIN, 99.7 km FAI triangel x3, 299.1 points. http://www.xcontest.org/track.php?t=259xefj1.igc PG 2013 Tom Salomonsen NOR, 72.9 km FAI triangel x3, 210.3 points. http://no.flightlog.org/fl.html?l=2&a=34&user_id=1852&trip_id=338860 PG 2014 Jouni Makkonen FIN, 285.4 km Open distance, 285.4 points. http://www.xcontest.org/track.php?t=1400976763.21.igc HG 2012 Vesa Lappalainen FIN, 134 km Out and Return x2, 268 points. http://www.xcontest.org/track.php?t=25rxeiq1.igc HG 2013 Ville Räikkönen FIN, 229.3 km Decleared goal x1.5, 343.3 points. http://www.xcontest.org/track.php?t=1369663610.06.igc HG 2014 Kari Suhonen FIN, 265.4 km Open distance, 265.4 points. http://www.xcontest.org/track.php?t=1407430998.22.igc See also the document from 2011: Nordic records and Nordic Trophy, Hang and paragliding. Procedures and disciplines Recent history of Trophy winners, Nordic Hang and Paragliding Committee: https://nordichpc.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/nordicrecordsandtrophy-v1-3.pdf

8. Nordic competitions Jenny Persson presented report from the Nordic PG Open 2014 in Pedro Pernardo. We have adopted the comments received and lessons learned from the Nordic Open 2014 in the first draft of document “Request for Proposals for the Nordic Open 2016”.  Bids for the PG Nordic Open 2015, decision: Gemona 18-25.7.2015. Denmark will be organiser of the Nordic Open 2015.  Hosting nation for the Nordic Open 2016 will be decided in the working meeting of NHPC during the Gemona event. It was outlined, that the hosting timeline is around 1 year 6mo. It starts from the time of precedent Nordic Open at the working meeting, and involves the bidding process in late summer, decision in the NHPC meeting in November-December, coordination work with chosen technical organisation, and overseeing the execution of the Nordic Open.  The Nordic Meeting in 2015 host nation is decided on later point in time, latest in the Nordic Open in Gemona. Skype use is also possible method to attend.  Teleconferencing with Scott T.: Mads Syndegaard offered the use for free if organiser can provide coder for the job. For the NHPC the special interest lies in the continuity of portal page of the nordic-open.eu site. Scott will ask Mads for the price and conditions for NHPC having the rights and registration of the nordic-open.eu web-portal domain. It needs to be legal entity, i.e. NAC, club or person.  CCC-class gliders are allowed to be flown in the Nordic Open Championships.

9. National team selection and coaching – comparison

SWEDEN  “Elite group = Swepool, which includes training group”. Training camps once or twice a year, they are organisation a week before Swed Champions.  4000euro, xc and acro together. Top elite get funds from the NAC.  The National team election the WPRS points. Team Leader decides from the Swepool, which pilots are going to be part of the National team. WPRS counts, but the last place can be a wildcard. Pilot needs to participate to National Championships. Time line: 3-5 months before selection to FAI1, and 9 months before that selection date is the date announced when the WPRS will be consulted).  Training in camps. I Psychology of sport, stress in competitions, what psychologists say about that; During the competition short briefings individually: What did you well, what you do tomorrow? II Setting practice tasks. III Mentorship system in place, all pilots have access to a mentor. Even the most experienced once. SIV with comp gliders. Obligations to elite members: competition trainer activity, National team member need to sign athlete agreement.  In the license system, Sweden had two levels. Senior comp pilots named as competition trainers, ca 20 pilots now, are working as coaches. Comp 1 level: 100h, 5 competition tasks in easy competitions (Slovenia Open, Chabre Open, Gin Wide Open, sometimes Nordic Open qualifies, Swedish cup etc), 1 SIV course and 5 distance flights. Comp 2 level: International competitions.

NORWAY  National team 6 persons according National ranking, WPRS based. Checking the pilots interest and jumping to next. Athlete contract is signed.  1.10. each year the selection of National team is done. Now proposal is to select the team 3 months before the FAI1 competition.  Training. National team members are required to take part 50% of the Norwegian Cups, they are labeled as Meets, “Paraglider Samling”. Rest they can participate to FAI2 comps, and PWCs. January in Mexico informal training.  Budget: NAC cover pilot’s expenses when taking part to FAI Cat1 event: travel, accommodation and participation fee. PWC small sum as encouragement.

FINLAND  National team 6 pilots, according to WPRS.  Training. Individuals participating in international competitions. So far there is not a systematic training programme for top-level competitors.  Budget. 900 euro 2014/3000 euro asked for 2015 for competitions totally. Minor part of that goes to National team. ICELAND  National team selection, according WPRS. Now there is 5 Icelandic pilots shown interest in competitions.  Training: Unofficial training. Humble, motivating pilots to do xc-flights. Individual participating in international competitions.  Budget: no funding.

10. Review of CIVL and EHPU matters EHPU Next meeting will take place in January 2015, Denmark. There were no issues discussed at the meeting, it was noted that not all Nordic nations are part of EHPU. CIVL coordination. Sweden takes charge of coordinating getting proxies from other Nations before the next Plenary. Jenny Persson, Swedish delegate, can collect proxies if another Nation will not participate.

11. Hang-gliding issues  Telephone meeting with Juha Herrala, FI. Finland will organise a FAI Cat2 Hang-gliding competition in Jämijärvi, Finland 7.-13.6.2015. There will be 5 places reserved to international pilots. FAI 2 sanctioning will be sought from FAI/CIVL bureau in near future. Furthermore, the Finnish hang-gliders have developed a method to do Aero Towing, which enables a pilot to be towed directly to thermal. In Finland they use motorised hang-glider, trike, for Aero Towing. Dragonfly would be optimal, but yet not available in Finland. The aim is to publish a “Manual for Aero Towing with hang-gliders”.  24.-30.5.2015. Denmark’s bid to organise Hang-Gliding Nordic Championships in 2015 was accepted. 25 pilots can enter, 5 per Nation whereof 3 pilot scores for team result. Fee: 150e, inclusive of towing, accommodation and restricted retrieves. Contact person: Flemming tel. +45 408 16502. 12. Other matters All topics covered above.

13. Closing of the meeting Next year’s meeting will be decided in January 2015 at the EHPU meeting. Meeting was closed on 7th December at 13:20. 5.1.2015, Helsinki Esa Alaraudanjoki Chair of the Nordic meeting, member of the Finnish Hang and Paragliding Committee

2012 minutes online

The minutes from the 2012 NHPC meeting in Stockholm are now online.

I’ve also uploaded all the old notes we could find back to 1999. The 2007 meeting was postponed due to conflict with CIVL plenary so there are no minutes.

Looking through old minutes it’s clear some things stay the same 🙂

Iceland is now responsible for running NHPC until the next meeting minutes are published. The NHPC thanks HP and Sweden for the work in 2012.

The next NHPC meeting will be in Iceland late November 2013.

Nordic Open Paragliding 2013

We did not receive any bids for the competition before the deadline. The meting decided to delegate the responsibility to source bids to the Norwegian PG comp committee. We will update here as soon as we have any news from the Norwegians.

To make sure we get more bids In the future, the Nordic nations will rotate on the responsibility to do the active work to get some bids, they do not have to arrange themselves unless they want to.

Update: The Nordics 2013 wil lbe in Vågå, Norway. Please go to the competiton site for more info – http://www.2013.nordic-open.eu